Creative Sensemore Air earbuds nyhed
Credit: Creative

Creative Sensemore Air øretelefoner lanceret

Creative har lanceret sine nyeste trådløse øretelefoner, Creative Sensemore Air øretelefonerne. Læs mere på

Creative Sensemore Air er designet til at lade dig høre dine omgivelser uden at gå på kompromis med lydkvaliteten.

Creative Sensemore Air kommer med en Sensemore Mode, som er designet til at være fem gange mere følsom end Ambient Mode.

The new Sensemore technology helps to address the oft-annoying inconvenience associated with earbuds – because they are in-ear and block out much of the aural environment, users tend to remove their earbuds in various everyday situations, for example when starting a conversation. This changes with the Creative Sensemore Air, as users are given full control on the level of environmental sounds they want to hear. With Sensemore Mode, which is 5 times more sensitive than Ambient Mode, users can hear much more of speech, and other environmental elements, which are amplified with higher clarity. As a bonus, when set to a higher intensity, it could even benefit folks with mild hearing deficiencies.

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The Ambient Mode can be used when users would like to hear their music well while still being aware of the environment, for example while jogging along a busy street. Conversely, to shut the world out so as to fully immerse in the music, users can rely on the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Mode. The intensity of all 3 modes is fully adjustable through the handy Creative app.

Du kan finde flere detaljer om de nye Creative Sensemore Air øretelefoner hos Creative via linket nedenfor. Hovedtelefonerne er prissat til 79,99 USD i USA, 79,99 € i Europa og 64,99 GBP i Storbritannien.

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