Elgato HD60 X Capture Card
Foto: Elgato

Elgato HD60 X Capture Card lanceret med ny arkitektur

Elgato har lanceret næste generations capture-kort i form af HD60 X med en helt ny arkitektur med variabel opdateringshastighed, 4K @60 HDR10 passthrough 1080p @60 HDR-optagelse, ubegrænset optagelse og instant game view.

Funktioner i det nye Elgato HD60 X Capture Card:

  • 4K60 HDR10, 1440p120, 1080p120,1080p240, VRR passthrough.
  • Høj opløsning 4K30 eller 1080p60 HDR10.
  • Ingen watermarks, ingen tidsbegrænsninger, ingen krav om abonnementer.
  • Gaming i HDR, mens du optager i SDR.
  • Gem gameplay med tilbagevirkende kraft med Flashback Recording.
  • Ultralav latenstid for ”seemless” lyd/video-synkronisering.
  • Stream til YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming og mere.
  • Fungerer med OBS, Streamlabs, Vmix, Zoom og mere.
  • Brug Stream Deck til at aktivere Flashback-optagelse, screenshots og mere.
  • Plug and play opsætning på Windows og Mac.

“The Elgato HD60 X connects to your console and sends raw video to both your gaming screen and streaming PC. Setup is a breeze. HDMI and USB-C cable included. Play your favorite titles as intended with up to 4K60 HDR10 passthrough. Or enjoy high frame rates when gaming in 1440p120 or 1080p240. Variable Refresh Rate is one of the greatest technologies to hit screens and consoles. HD60 X gets out of your way for next-gen gaming without lag or screen tearing.”

Credit: KitGuru

4K Capture Utility (4KCU), Elgato’s powerful yet easy-to-use game capture software, is custom-built for creators looking to record without limitations. 4KCU captures all content – gameplay, cutscenes, soundtrack, chat – in high-resolution 1080p60 HDR10 or 4K30 quality with pristine 48kHz audio. If 4KCU is not set to record, Flashback Recording automatically caches several hours of gameplay so you can slide back in time to capture retroactively.

Live Commentary enables you to save your voice as a separate track and adjust levels on the fly. To record while broadcasting live, Stream Link technology outputs HD60 X’s native feed to 4KCU and third-party broadcast software like OBS Studio, so you can record clean, clutter-free gameplay while streaming with overlays, alerts, etc.”

Elgato HD60 X Capture Card deck
Credit: Elgato

“Gameplay recordings are saved directly to your hard drive in space-saving HEVC format. 4KCU’s Library enables convenient file management tools, including Smart Folders to find and group recordings based on your search criteria.

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Files may be exported as AAF files for immediate editing in software such as Adobe Premiere or Vegas Pro. Fully compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and dual-PC setups, HD60 X makes it possible for creators to capture gameplay in the highest quality without compromising their next-gen gaming experience.”

Læs mere om det nye Elgato HD60 X via nedenstående link.

Credit & Billedrettigheder: Elgato

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