Vantum gamingstol Herman Miller Logitech G
Credit: Herman Miller

Vantum gaming stol af Herman Miller og Logitech G

Hvis du er på udkig efter en ny gaming stol, vil du måske være interesseret i den seneste kreation fra Herman Miller og Logitech G. i form af Vantum.

”Offering gamers a modern gaming chair designed specifically for their needs from the ground up the ergonomic design provides the correct level of support enhancing comfort, concentration and endurance”.

Credit: Herman Miller

Til en pris af 995 dollars understøtter gaming stolen gamerens fremadrettede holdning, en position, der har vist sig at give næring til fokus og hurtigere reaktionstider, lyder det i pressemeddelelsen. Med 12 års garanti er stolen konstrueret af bæredygtige materialer, herunder trykstøbt aluminium og glasfyldt nylon.

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“Over the last 3 years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have partnered together with a shared vision of delivering high performance, ergonomic furniture solutions to gamers. We’re excited to move into the next stage of our evolution with this milestone launch,” says Aron Drayer, Head of Marketing Partnerships for Logitech G. “Together with Herman Miller, our shared passion and drive to give gamers the very best has continued to push our creativity and expertise forward and we couldn’t be more thrilled to present the gaming community with Vantum.”

Herman Miller gaming chair

“At its core, the Vantum Gaming Chair supports the active-gaming-forward posture, a position proven to fuel focus and faster reaction times, two factors that play a crucial role when gaming. To achieve this, Vantum was designed to proactively place users in an active/upright position the moment they sit down, leveraging an adapted seat pad and PostureFit, which provides adjustable support to the lower back and reinforces the pelvis, preventing slouching and fatigue. To further assist gamers in ensuring they are in their proper position, numeric feedback is included on the tilt adjustments, allowing gamers to easily identify and recall their preferred settings.”

“”As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock every player’s potential through thoughtful solutions and research that solves problems, delivers results and enables meaningful change at every level of gaming,” says Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller.”

Kilde & Billedrettigheder: Herman Miller

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